Vince Piacente

“I have worked with HVE on a number of projects during the past ten plus years. They are a good group to work with; timely, flexible and team focused. Their ability to work collaboratively with municipal engineers and planners make them a valuable asset to the project team.”

Roger Demareski

“It is a pleasure working with Hopewell Valley Engineering. Their knowledge of the issues and relevant regulations coupled with their vast amount of experience are key ingredients to a successful project. We are very pleased with their service and attention to detail and have found them to be a true asset to our project team.”

George M. Conway, Jr.

“We’ve worked with Hopewell Valley on a variety of projects and always received reliable, timely service. Their attention to detail and the attitude of their staff makes working with them a pleasure. We look forward to continuing our relationship on future projects.”

Jim Vinson

“As you know, I have been a client of HVE for many years. I first started working with HVE at the recommendation of both my attorney and land planner. They said that the quality of your firm’s work was excellent. I agree, and would add that the depth of services provided, client responsiveness and ability to meet deadlines makes my job easier.”

Kasim Delalic

“We have worked with Hopewell Valley Engineering on several major projects over many years. On each of these we have had a positive experience. The HVE Staff is very dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced and has stayed close to all engineering aspects of projects we have undertaken, dealt with our local township to assure that all requirements are met satisfactorily, and provided us with regular updates on the status of the projects.”

David Betzner

“Hopewell Valley Engineering’s rapid response to project questions and events have continuously enabled us to meet our deadlines. Their courtesy, ability and reliability have made them a “go to” provider of professional services.”

Rick Mehr

“My relationship with Hopewell Valley Engineering has been nothing short of a friendship. For over 20 years the quality I demanded was over delivered and their abilities to do everything I needed has proven to save me money in the long run! Thank you for being there for me and Harry’s/Deer Path Pavilion.”

Tim Doherty

“Russ Smith and Hopewell Valley Engineering did an excellent job engineering our Westampton project.Professional in every way, Russ and his team did a wonderful presentation to the Planning Board, was fully prepared to answer all the town’s questions and concerns and always responded to our needs in a timely manner.”

Daniel L. Haggerty

“Being a fan of the good folks at Hopewell Valley Engineering, I am happy to be able to offer this testimonial.I have worked on many land use projects over the years with the firm and I can attest to the competency and thoroughness with which the firm undertakes and completes its engineering work.”

John DenBleyker

“We are working with Hopewell Valley Engineering on a very complex automobile dealership improvement project located on a major highway.They have handled the may design, permitting, and construction challenges presented by this project in a professional, cost effective and timely manner.”