Hopwell Valley Engineering – A New Look, Embracing the Future

Technology is accelerating at a dizzying paces, not only for cellphones and computers, but with websites, applications and communication as well.

Since the founding of Hopewell Valley Engineering the principals have looked for the best ways to support customers with engineering knowledge, skills and technology.

In the ongoing blending of technology and work, HVE has published a new and up-to-date website with a variety of new features.

Some of these features will help HVE grow with the expanding economy, however several new features are designed to improve communication and make it easier for clients to access their documents and interact with HVE staff.

Here are some of the new features:

  • A “responsive” website that can be viewed easily on mobile devices.
  • Easier navigation and access to HVE services and information
  • Private and secure client portals that allow file upload and download
  • Client updates when information is posted to a client portal

Please take a few minutes to view our new site. If you are a new or existing client and you would like to talk about how to access your files and documents more efficiently, please call me or Rich Swett and we’ll be glad to show you how it works.

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