Hopewell Valley Engineering, PC provides a full range of Municipal Engineering Services.

Our unique blend of experience in providing engineering services to both municipalities and to private developers has resulted in our ability to provide those services with the seasoned judgment needed to overcome challenging projects.

Codes and Ordinances

Review and comment on existing codes and ordinances.
Compile necessary information for the preparation of new codes and ordinances when required

Grants and Loans

Provide assistance to identify and pursue financial assistance grants.

Tax Map Preparation and Revisions

Convert existing maps to digital format.
Maintenance and yearly updates.

Public Meetings

Attend planning board, zoning board and other regulatory meetings.

Site Plan and Subdivision Review

Review plans and reports submitted with applications.
Prepare reports outlining requirements to bring projects into conformance with appropriate standards.
Provide expert testimony at public meetings.
Work with developers and municipal officials to achieve conforming plans and construction.
Provide construction inspection services.

Water Distribution

Prepare design plans and specifications for water distribution facilities.
Provide contract administration and construction inspection.

Sanitary Sewers

Prepare design plans and specifications for sanitary sewer facilities.
Provide contract administration and construction inspection.


Evaluate condition of roadway.
Prepare design plans and specifications for construction, realignment, reconstruction or rehabilitation of roads.
Provide contract administration and inspection services.

Stormwater Management

Analyze the cause of existing or potential flooding.
Design cost-effective solutions, including plans and specifications.
Provide contract administration and construction inspection.

Flood Plain Delineation

Evaluate and delineate flood plains of watercourses.
Determine modifications required to minimize flood damage to roads or other improved projects.

Soil Erosion

Determine the best solution for soil erosion and sediment control.

Environmental Considerations

Prepare environmental impact statements.
Determine wetlands location and prepare wetlands location mapping and report.

Recreation Facilities and Parks

Layout and prepare design plans and specifications for recreational facilities and park.
Provide contract administration and inspection.


Prepare or review transportation project proposals either directly or with other consultants.
Prepare reports, sketches and plans.


Provide complete surveying services for road/utilities design and layout;easements; wetlands; recreational faci lities; flood plain determination; and any other situations requiring surveying.